Victory Teens


At Victory Teens, we exist to guide students to love, follow, and serve Jesus Christ with their whole hearts.

Teenagers are facing an ever-changing world and are being pulled in every direction. Peer pressure, friends, media, television, and social networks are just a few of the outlets competing for the attention of our current generation. Teens are looking for answers, direction, and happiness - anything to fill the void inside. Unfortunately, these things can't be found in the world; they can only be found in Jesus Christ! At Victory, we believe teens can live a life with meaning, a life with direction, and a life of happiness!

Meeting Times

Victory Teens meets at the following times

  • Wednesday
    Evening Worship
    6:00 P.M.
  • Thursday Connect Groups
    6:00 P.M.

Useful Information for Parents

Student Connect Groups

At Victory Teens, we understand how important it is for students to belong to something bigger than themselves and to connect with other kids their age going through similar circumstances. That's why our small groups are so important for the spiritual growth of our students. One of the greatest attributes at Victory Teens is a solid team of spiritually mature adult leaders who understand the issues of addictions, self-esteem, self-harm, and divorced homes that our teenagers are facing. We would love the opportunity to walk with your teen during the next several crucial years of his or her life!


Worship Services

Worship Services

No program or activity can replace the true Spirit-Filled worship of God’s young people. It is an amazing and powerful experience to see teens put pride, and worry aside and lift their praises to God! At Victory Teens, every Wednesday night we provide an opportunity for our students to have a powerful worship experience. From Spirit-filled singing and worship to the powerful Biblical preaching of God’s Word, your student will experience the presence of God!

Student Activities

Student Activities

We believe our youth group should be the most fun and exciting place a teen goes to all week! To do that we do our best to provide fun, Christ-Centered activities for teens like gym nights, bowling, Green Jackets games, Carowinds trips, Lock-Ins, and awesome Teen Summer Camps! There is something for everyone at Victory Teens!

Pastor Josh

Meet Josh and Mindy Tesch

Student Ministry Pastor

Pastor Josh has been the Student Pastor at Victory Baptist Church since 2012. Growing up in North Augusta, and attending Victory Baptist Church since the age of twelve Pastor Josh has a deep investment in our youth, our church and our community. He is an alumnus of Victory Christian School, holds a degree in Pastoral Theology from Victory Baptist College, and is also a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Pastor Josh and his wife Mindy, have five children, and love working side by side to make a difference in the youth of this generation. Mrs. Mindy, having been delivered from a past of addiction and brokenness, has a huge heart for the hurting, and can walk teens through the darkest times of their lives. Pastor Josh and Mrs. Mindy understand that JESUS is the only answer, and they would cherish the opportunity to love on and disciple your student during this crucial time of their life!

More Ways to Get Involved

Here are a few ways to connect to your family and with your church family.